This is a cool clip of De La Soul playing at Coachella being backed (as they have been for the last year) by the Rhythmn Roots Allstars.  Matt DeMerritt is the tenor player for the band – although he is playing keys on this clip.  Matty D. is a dear friend, brother of the BBQ, and the horn arranger and tenor player on the latest instrumental Gumbo tunes posted on the homepage of this site.  Matty D’s tenor and flute have been a huge part of two previous gumbo cd’s and my holiday cd – He’s got the three T’s:  tone, time-feel & tastiness.  I remember hanging with Matt last year and him saying that the Rhythmn Roots Allstars were going to be backing De La Soul for some shows in support of the 20th anniversary of 3ft. High and Rising.  It was a wtf moment realizing it had been 20 years since that cd, introduced to me by Ebon Heath, had turned me on to hip-hop and how it related to the shit I was into at the time.