I was having a small party the other night with some friends who were visiting from the east coast.  I threw these mixtapes on and immediately people who didn’t know were asking me who/what it was. The Messengers is the work of DJ/Remixer/Producer, J.Period and Somali-born MC, K’Naan (the dusty-foot philosopher).  In addition to the masterful production, they are a fresh take on the social significance and message of three artists all of whom influenced me musically and consciously.  J.Period’s insane remix skills and K’Nann’s lyrical ability (effortless and honest) renews the love I have had for these tunes and recognition of the genius of these artists for most of my life.

In the press release, they say what makes artists true messengers:

“Some artists are defined by their environment. Some redefine their environment. Still others push the boundaries of convention so fully that their influence is felt around the globe, and across generations. Their music compels us not only to dance but to think, not only to celebrate but to strive, not only to listen but to truly hear.”

These mixtapes have been in steady iTunes rotation since I downloaded them (for free) and I am sure they will be the musical background to much bbq-themed entertainment this summer.